Sunday, December 10, 2017


I first came to this state on a road trip with some friends! We came right after Halloween so the leaves were absolutely beautiful and still on the trees! Then last year Jason and I came to Boston to see his beloved Red Sox and sit on the Green Monster (must do so awesome!).

Ok, the main city in Massachusetts! It is a perfect blend of old and new with the right amount of sass. Yes, you heard me sass! Let's be real most of the people that live in this area are/were from Ireland aka the king country of sass.

Fenway Park - you have to go at least once, and if you have the means, go sit on the Green Monster and try to catch a home run (good luck they are flying up there).

On top of the Green Monster!

Sitting on Top of the Green Monster

Freedom Trail - a 2.5-mile long trail marked by bricks that hit a bunch of historical sites! 16 sites to be exact. Most of the sites are free or ask for donations, but the Old South Meeting House, Old State House, and Paul Revere House require tickets. Old North Church is included in this walking tour. You know "1 if by land 2 if by sea"! 

Old North Church

The Freedom Trail does omit the Liberty Tree (the gathering place for Revolutionists) and the Boston Tea Party (which you really should go throw some tea into the Harbor -- do not say I told you to!!)

Harvard - at least go and take a walk around the commons! It is a beautiful campus! I was lucky enough that I had a friend going to school here and he gave me a tour! Also, try out Insomnia Cookies for all your late night sweet fixes! (SO GOOD) 



 Finally, the Smoke Shop in Cambridge (by Harvard) is one of the best BBQ joints I have ever eaten at!!!

Easily my favorite town in Massachusetts. I will have to say when my friend begged to go, I was against it. I didn't think we had time/wasn't anything of interest here. Boy was I wrong! It is the oldest seaport in America and is quite possibly the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It's settled in the little bay like area. If you are looking out towards the Harbor on your right is Stage Fort Park and on your left is a lighthouse. There is a little boulevard like area right up on the water, where you can walk from end to end.
Map of Gloucester
Memorial on the Boulevard 

Stage Fort Park is beautiful and such a fun place to bring children! It has a little beach area for swimming in the summer as well as several paths for picnicking and exploring. 

Eastern Point Lighthouse is the name of the lighthouse you can see on your left! It was featured in the movie Perfect Storm. You are not permitted on the grounds since it is an active lighthouse, but there is a walkway out to the middle of the harbor that gives amazing views! 
Walkway in the Harbor

Pondering life in the middle of the Harbor

If you love Halloween like me, then you definitely have seen/love Hocus Pocus. The entire reason why we went to Salem was to do our own version of the Hocus Pocus movie tour. Salem also has various witch museums along with a maritime museum. 

Town Hall - where they Danced til they die! 


Old Salem Graveyard

The Hocus Pocus house! 

The pilgrim museum where the Sanderson Sisters live 

I'm putting this in here for completeness. But this is not worth anyone's time. Literally, Plymouth rock is a rock in the sand with a date on it. You can't even touch it! There are some replicas of the ships Christopher Columbus came over here in, but you have to pay to see them. 
Plymouth Rock

The Replica ship

Cape Cod and Provincetown
The beaches are amazing at Cape Cod and Provincetown is an adorable little community! We drove through here and stopped to play on the beaches and then ended our day in Provincetown for dinner! There are a lot of shops and food places in Provincetown that makes it definitely worth spending your summer week on vacation here! 

One of the roads to the Cape Cod Coast

Delicious food!! 

Ok, that is all I have for now on Massachusetts!! 

any questions let me know!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I have been all throughout Kentucky, but normally I was visiting my good friend and running races! I didn't take near the amount of photos that I should have, but don't worry, I'll fix that soon enough!


Mainly 2 big things you must see. 

Louisville Slugger Museum - where all the bats for the Major Leaguers are made! Costs $14 dollars to get in, but you get a little bat as a keepsake! A must see!! 

Babe Ruth's Bat! 

A League of Their Own

Churchill Downs - where the Kentucky Derby is held each year! The Kentucky Derby is a week-long festival, where the actual race is the last day! The weekend prior to the race (the race is normally the first weekend of May) there is the Marathon and Half-marathon where you get to run actually inside on the green in the middle. 
Make sure you wear the biggest hat you own if you plan on taking in the fun during the Derby! 

Running the Half Marathon in the rain!

Food around Louisville
-One of my favorite pizza places is called Bonnie and Clyde's outside of the city! 
-Tom and Chee in Bardstown is famous for its grilled cheese sandwiches is spectacular. Try the s'more grilled donut and thank me later~ 
-Backdoor has amazing wings! 
-Highland Morning has key lime pancakes and apple pie pancakes and they are just as delicious as you would expect them to be! 


I've really only been here once for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon, but I would be remiss if I didn't include it in this post! 
The entire country is Horse country, and is well worth the drive to see the country side littered with horses! 

Keeneland is another horse track in Lexington. If you drive the area around it, there are all kinds of horse farms (that's where we started and ended the race, so I know!) 

Thursday, November 30, 2017


I've actually been here twice, but only for a short stop over to see the Mall of America and to run a half marathon. But I've got at least another trip planned to see International Falls (well it's planned in my head :)

Mall of America 

Image stolen from the Internet. 

This place is huge!!! Come ready with a plan of attack because you can and will get lost if you aren't prepared. It is the largest mall in America, 12th largest in the world. There is actually a lot of other things to do here then just shop! 

1. Nickelodeon Universe - in the middle of the entire mall is an amusement park! There are a lot of rides and games here! 

2. The Aquarium 
3. Make your own crayons at the Crayola Experience! 
4. Fly Over America - similar to Disney's Soarin' ride, and goes through the states highlights! 
5. Mini Golf
6. Bowling
7. Build with Legos 

8. Zip-line

And don't forget the food! I had a chicken Alfredo crepe when I was there that was to die for!! 

Really this place has just about anything you could want! Along with super cute shops and name brands that everyone knows! 

That's all I have for Minnesota!
Let me know if you have any questions!

50 States 50 Half Marathon Challenge

So I started this journey in November of 2014 with the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Walt Disney World!
I thought this would be a good way to show you guys how I'm progressing though this challenge!

Now the challenge is to complete a Half Marathon in each state! You must have some kind of proof you finished (most races keep their finishing times on their websites til the end of time).

  1. Florida - Wine and Dine Half Marathon - 11/8/14 
  2. California - Avengers Half Marathon - 11/15/14
  3. Kentucky - Run the Bluegrass Half - 3/28/15
  4. North Carolina - Rock 'n' Roll Raleigh - 4/12/15
  5. Minnesota - Red White and Boom Half - 7/4/15
  6. Illinois - Rock 'n' Roll Chicago - 7/8/15
  7. Nebraska - Nebraska State Fair Half - 8/28/15
  8. Pennsylvania - Bird in Hand Half - 9/12/15
  9. Ohio - Run with the Amish Half - 9/26/15
  10. Indiana - Bedford Half - 10/10/15
  11. West Virginia - Marshall University Half - 11/1/15
  12. Nevada - Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas - 11/15/15
  13. Georgia - Jeff Galloway Half - 12/13/15
  14. South Carolina - Charleston Half - 1/16/16
  15. Mississippi - Mississippi River Half - 2/13/16
  16. Alabama - Mercedes Benz Half - 2/14/16
  17. Louisiana - Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans - 2/28/16
  18. Texas - Divas Half - 4/24/16
  19. Virginia - Race 13.1 Richmond - 5/21/16
  20. Washington - Rock 'n' Roll Seattle - 6/18/16
  21. Michigan - Race 13.1 Detroit - 7/2/16
  22. Oklahoma - Route 66 Half - 11/20/16
  23. Tennessee - Gumpton Jeep Half Classic - 3/4/17
  24. Hawaii - Hibiscus Half - 5/28/17